1940s Berlin
Out of Mecklenburg, Spy novels

Berlin, 1941

Carl von Menen is 28 years old, suave, wealthy and a rising star at the German Foreign office, yet he lives a duplicitous and dangerous life: he abhors the Nazis and wants Hitler dead, but his expectations of seeing a Nazi-free Germany shrink to despair, when he is unexpectedly assigned to Buenos Aires to keep a watchful eye on the emerging United Officers Group (GOU), a pro-Nazi/Fascist faction of military officers, led by the aspiring Colonel Juan Domingo Peron.

In Buenos Aires, von Menen is sucked into a cauldron of treachery, deceit, military revolutions and murder, heightened by the agony of his secret ideology, the long-reaching tentacles of the Gestapo and his clandestine dealings with Colonel Filipe Vidal, a man with a devious and sinister agenda.

In defiance of certain execution, von Menen embarks on a desperate attempt to save the life of the woman he loves, while agonising over a tempting half-tonne of gold and the notion of an epic U-boat sortie to the South Atlantic. But time is running out, the Gestapo is watching and the Russians are closing in fast.

Out of Mecklenburg: The Unwilling Spy┬áis a fast-paced, compelling spy novel, sizzling with suspense, authenticity and well-defined, convincing characters. From dark and dangerous war-stricken Berlin to the bright lights and glamour of Buenos Aires, it’s all here: a completely new perspective on WWII Nazi espionage; heroic adventure, excitement, romance, political intrigue, military revolutions, Nazi gold, a revengeful Gestapo and a notable Mecklenburg family living in fear of Russian occupation.

Click here to read the opening pages now.

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