About Out of Mecklenburg

I’ve always been fascinated by events that happened in Berlin and Buenos Aires during the Second World War. I am an avid reader of both historical fact and historical fiction, and spent over ten years researching Out of Mecklenburg: The Unwilling Spy, walking the same streets that Carl von Menen would have walked (although many of them now go by different names).

The reason for writing my spy novel was very simple: I wrote the story that I wanted to read. I’ve always loved John le Carré and Frederick Forsyth. During one particular holiday, I realised I’d already read those in the bookshop and I was casting around for something else, but the thrillers seemed too thin and the historical fiction lacked action. So I had a go at writing somewhere in the middle, inspired in equal measure by le Carré / Forsyth and my own background in the intelligence and security field.

Although all the events are fictional, the adventures of Carl von Menen could well have happened. We will never know how many unwilling spies there were in 1940s Berlin and Buenos Aires, but they certainly existed.

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